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Golden Poems & Pictures


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Select the objects to download. If you select an album, all items in the album are included. A ZIP file will be created that contains your objects. If you choose a large number of items, be patient while the ZIP file is built.

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Dunya Main Hakimoon .mp3

Khusha Naseeb Kai Tum (Urdu Class).mp3

Khusha Naseeb Kai Tum.mp3

Khusha Naseeb Kay Tum Qadian (Nasir Ali Usman).mp3

Khusha Naseeb Kay Tum Qadian Main Rahtay Ho.mp3

Lo Jao Tum Ko Saiaya  (Urdu Class).mp3

Mujai Daikh Talibai (Lajna Class).mp3

Mujai Daikh Talibai (Nasir Ali Usman Sahib).mp3

Mujay Daeekh Talibay Muntazar (Urdu Class).mp3

Mujay Daikh Talibay Muntazir (Nasir Ali Usman).mp3

Aaj Har Zarra Sarai (Nasir Ali Usman).wma

Dunya Main Hakimoon ().wma

Khusha Naseeb Kai (Nasir Usman Sahib).wma

Khusha Naseeb Kai Tum (Urdu Class1).wma

Khusha Naseeb Kai Tum (Urdu Class2).wma

Lo Jao Tum Ko ( Nasi Ali Usman Sahib).wma

Lo Jao Tum Ko ().wma

Mola Marai Qadeer ().wma

Mujai Daik Talibai Muntazar (Urdu Class).wma

Mujai Daikh (Nasir Usman Sahib).wma

Mujai Daikh Talibai (Lajna Class).wma

Na Rook Rah Main Molla ()1.wma

Na Rook Rah Main Molla ()2.wma

Na Rook Rah Main Molla.mp3

Na Rook Rao Main Mola ().mp3

Phir Dikha Dai ().wma

Phir Dikha Dai (Urdu Class).wma

Phir Dikha Day Mujay Maray Moola (Jalsa Qadian).mp3

Rakh Paish Nazar Wo Waqt ()1.wma

Rakh Paish Nazar Wo Waqt ()2.wma

Rakh Paish Nazar Wo.mp3

Saiyaida Hai Aap (Nasir Usman Sahib).wma

Saiyaida Hai Aap Ko ().wma

Saiyaida Hai Aap Ko (Lajna Class).wma

Saiyaida Hai Aap Ko..mp3

Saiyaida Hai Aap Ko.mp3

Shifa Dai ().wma

Yai Rahatay Jan Nuray (Urdu Class).wma

Yai Rahatay Jan Nuray Nazar ().wma

Yai Rahatay Jan Nuray Nazar (Urdu Class) .mp3


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